Claudio Vassanelli

Villa Casaforte is a part of Azienda Agricola ROCCOLO CALLISTO owned by Claudio Vassanelli and his wife. The main company is located in Verona and Claudio is a great producer of the famous wines Amarone della Valpolicella, which you can find also in Villa Casaforte, in Tuscany. The renovation of Casaforte was completed in 2009 and was opened to the public the following year

Host manager

Lucia e Piero

Lucia lives with Piero in a detached house near the villa, she welcome you in Casaforte and take care of the reception and the delivery of keys for the apartments, as well as tell you useful information and rules of the house.
Piero is a building contractor and it is the implementer of Casaforte modernization works, a job that you can appreciate looking the different pictures in Casaforte of how the villa was

Web Marketing / Sales manager

Martin Bauer

Martin (link to facebook profile) takes care of answering your mail and follow your bookings step by step. He is also the Casaforte website builder and manage advertisements in tourist channels. Great lover of photography, he has made all the photos of the site, external and internal.
He is also vice president of associazione sportiva Tennis 2.0,a tennis club situated few kilometers from Casaforte in Castelfranco di Sopra, where you are welcome